INVISI-GARD is Australia’s premier security screen, made from the toughest material in its class and incorporates smart product design for long-lasting performance.

At the heart of every INVISI-GARD security screen is high-tensile, 316 marine-grade, stainless steel mesh, which sets the real-world standard for quality, precision and longevity, while providing superior resistance to tea staining.

This superior stainless steel mesh is retained in a heavy-duty aluminium frame using the Extreme Grip Protection retention system. This intelligent product architecture ensures maximum strength and durability, with an assembly technique that avoids galvanic corrosion.

With it’s high-tensile, 316 marine-grade, stainless steel mesh (GR316), INVISI-GARD provides the highest level of corrosion resistance.

Design & Features

Material Choice
Extreme Grip Protection
Galvanic Corrosion & Tea Staining

Material Choice: why we use GR316

As the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association (ASSDA) publishes, GR316 has “excellent corrosion resistance“, with it’s “main advantage over grade 304” being “increased ability to resist pitting.. and.. ordinary rusting in virtually all architectural applications“.

Extreme Grip Protection: intelligent design

Extreme Grip ProtectionThe Extreme Grip Protection (EGP) retention method completely isolates the stainless steel mesh from the aluminium frame as the mesh is captured between an insulator and keeper component, embedded with the frames profile. Along with the insulator and keeper, a rigid PVC wedge is assembled completely around the frame, applying uniform pressure at all points and locking the mesh into the frame.

This innovative configuration retains the stainless steel mesh so effectively, INVISI-GARD easily surpasses the Australian Standards requirement for security screens and doors (AS5039-2008).

Galvanic Corrosion & Tea Staining: how to avoid them

Galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals occurs when:

  • a conductive liquid is present,
  • there is metal to metal contact, and
  • the metals have sufficiently different galvanic potentials.

Essentially, when two corrosion resistant metals are in contact (in this instance stainless steel mesh and aluminium frame), corrosion can occur. As INVISI-GARD incorporates intelligent design through it’s EGP retention system, as opposed to screws or any other form of mechanical fixing, there is no metal to metal contact, which eliminates the chance of galvanic corrosion.

Tea staining is the discolouration of the surface of stainless steel as a result of contact with chlorides. In the case of a security screen, this would mostly likely occur due to the porosity of powder-coated finish. To combat this, INVISI-GARD stainless steel mesh is finished with a polyester powder coat, to provide great looks, clear vision and long life, as the coating reduces light reflection, allowing for clear visibility, and is suitable for more exposed applications.

With the properties of GR316, chiefly the addition of molybdenum, INVISI-GARD stainless steel mesh will easily tolerate the most aggressive of local conditions that contain chlorides (saltwater, industrial pollutants (vehicle exhausts), and chemical fumes (strong cleaning products)).